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2-1-1 Community Information And Referral

Who We Are

CSNA's HOPE Place serves victims in Madison, Morgan, Limestone, and Jackson counties. A satellite shelter in Morgan County offers additional safe refuge for clients. Victim advocates in each county served by CSNA provide case management, court advocacy, and help with counseling and referrals. SAIL (Special Assessment Intervention and Liaison) is a joint program of HOPE Place and Department of Human Resources whereby specialized services are provided to domestic violence victims within the DHR system. CSNA's Domestic Violence Responders are trained volunteers who ride with law enforcement to assist domestic violence victims on site. In addition, follow up is carried out with victims following any reported incident. CSNA's HELPline offers crisis counseling on a 24/7 basis to persons experiencing problems of living. HELPline is part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and responds to calls from persons at any level of risk for suicide. HELPline is the point of contact for persons needing services of HOPE Place or Sexual Assault Response. CSNA's Sexual Assault Response is a 24/7 program of advocacy for sexual assault victims and works closely with the SANE program to have an advocate on hand whenever a victim comes forward to report a sexual assault. Trained volunteers offer confidential emotional support, as well as information and referrals to clients and family members. A support group meets weekly. Trauma Counseling services are offered on a limited basis to persons affected by domestic violence or other abusive relationships. Support groups are offered for domestic violence, sexual assault, and survivors of suicide. Volunteers are at the heart of CSNA, serving as telephone crisis counselors, Sexual Assault Response advocates, Domestic Violence Responders, and 2-1-1 call takers. Training is offered three times a year for program volunteers and involves a 12 session class meeting twice weekly. In January of 1999, HOPE Place and HELPline, two agencies with a history of collaboration, joined forces to create Crisis Services of North Alabama, Inc. (CSNA).

What We Do

To respond to individuals and families in crisis.


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