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Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization (A.N.V.O.O)

Who We Are

Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization (A.N.V.O.O) is a non-profit entity founded and dedicated to informing the public about state requirements to empower and reintegrate non-violent offenders back into our communities here in Alabama.  Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization (A.N.V.O.O) was established in February 2009 , when one of the founders could not get housing and/or employment here in Alabama due to their past record. We felt there are many others who are going through the same situation here in Alabama.


What We Do

Work and assist clients to achieve their restoration of voting rights, record pardons and expungement of their criminal records. Teach clients life skills , job skills (dress for success, interviews) for employment. Improve in their education:GED/College education, get a trade, start your own business. We also partnership with property managers to secured suitable housing for our clients. Partnering with business to secure employment so our clients can take care of themselves and their families. We take clients to get an Alabama ID for employment.